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Course Code: PP0017

Train the Trainer




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2 Days


Face-to-Face / Virtual Classroom

Course Information

Course Overview

To introduce or improve the skills needed for training individuals in the workplace.

Target Audience

Team Leaders, First Line Managers, Middle Managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the 4 different learning styles and their own preferred learning style
  • Assess the learning needs (and likely preferred style) of their trainees and the range of different delivery methods available to meet these needs
  • Consider how to structure learning sessions to accommodate the different learning styles
  • Understand Kolbs Learning Cycle, the Systematic Approach to Training and the benefits of planning (using different tools to deliver training sessions)
  • Consider the value of writing Learning Aims and SMART Objectives for learning sessions
  • Consider how to measure the impact of the training that has been delivered
  • Plan, prepare and practice delivering a short presentation
  • Practice giving constructive feedback to colleagues
  • Assessment

    Qualitative assessment by Tutor in workshop, presentation peer/trainer feedback, review of action plan.

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