Vision & Values – Premier Partnership

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Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be the most trusted, respected and valued partner in delivering quality learning solutions. Where organisations easily source every type of learning solution. To improve an organisations performance through development and learning. Always accessible, always able to deliver. Responsive and agile, we go the extra mile.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing

We are honest and always act with integrity. We respect one another for who we are as well as what we do and trust each other to deliver on our promises. We value what we do and never compromise on the quality. If we make a mistake, we admit it. We look for solutions rather than someone to blame.


We have the strength and determination to make things happen and will to carry them through. We have an open culture where we are never afraid to stand up and speak and always sit down and listen.

Work Smart

We are all Premier People. We treat each other with respect regardless of status. We act professionally and together we celebrate success with understated pride relentless in pursuit of our goals. Together we approach each day with the energy, passion and persistence to go above and beyond.

One Team

We always ask ourselves is there a better way? We share thoughts between our team and encourage new ideas. We are not afraid to try new things – we prioritise and work on the right things. We clearly define goals and objectives and always finish what we start.