Complaints Policy – Premier Partnership

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Complaints Policy


This document is designed to provide you with all the information you need to know about the company complaints policy, procedures and the timescales when making a complaint.


In the competitive market we operate in, the handling of customer complaints and feedback is one area in which our organisation can demonstrate excellence and a commitment to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Premier Partnership encourages both internal and external customers to challenge, question and influence decisions, processes and the services provided by the company. Premier Partnership values complaints, and feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve on the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the services and products we provide. The company takes all complaints, or feedback seriously and manages them in a timely, transparent and meaningful way. 

Complaints or feedback may be made by a customer to whom we deliver services or products to, by suppliers/associates who help us deliver these services, from our employees, or directly from learners.


Premier Partnership’s complaints management and continuous improvement process is governed by the following principles: 

  • Complaints and feedback are best handled promptly and as close to the source as possible
  • Complaints and feedback will be handled objectively and confidentially and the person making the complaint will not suffer any reprisals from making a complaint
  • Persons making a complaint will be treated with respect and will be provided with clear explanations of Premier Partnership’s decisions and actions taken where this is appropriate or required
  • Complaints and feedback will wherever relevant, inform the continual improvement of Premier Partnership’s policies, procedures and practices

Premier Partnership makes all efforts to ensure that the complaints process is impartial, transparent and accountable and adheres to procedural fairness.

Please email any complaints to

David Pearson