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Dec 02, 2021

Last year, a study of 3.1 million workers found “significant and durable increases” in both the average number of emails sent internally and the number of recipients.

Premier Partnership joined forces with Emailogic and offered a free roundtable session giving an insight into the training that is available around how changing the way that staff use email can give positive results to any business unit.

The session was delivered by Marc Powell, Director of Emailogic. Marc has helped organisations to move forward with effective ways of communicating remotely, cutting stress and increasing productivity.

For the past 12 years Marc has focused on how to design and deliver successful virtual training and has worked internationally with over 1500 organisations in every sector including private and government organisations including the NHS, HSBC, Sony and many others.

This was an insight into the full, award winning 90-minute training session that has proven results. After attending, staff have reduced irrelevant traffic by -25%, saved 31 minutes per person per day and improved wellbeing.

Some of the key points from the session are detailed below:

  • Addictive nature of emails
    • Checking emails is addictive and happens much more than is necessary.
    • Hybrid working and having devices close at hand creates ease for checking emails in evenings, weekends and during holiday. Increased stress, no shut off point, constant concern
  • A lack of clarity in the email
    • Emails can be quick to produce, but easy to create confusion
    • Ambiguous instructions
    • No clear actions
    • Uncertainty to who owns what task
  • Lack of tone or sentiment
    • Emails are open to misunderstanding with tone
    • You can read frustration, disappointment and anger which isn’t there, into an email
  • CC-ing
    • Incredible build-up of the use of company time

1 email cc-ing 60 people in

  • Average of 3 minutes to read, x60 people reading it = 3 hours of company time
  • 10 people respond, reply to all = x60 people reading x10 replies = 30 hours of company time
  • Result = 33 hours of company time
  • Copying in the boss
    • Business, and team relationships are built on trust
    • ccing the boss into an email is demonstrating a lack of trust
    • it is also perceived as, cover your own back = passive aggressive behaviour

You wouldn’t hold a face-to-face meeting and subsequent conversation with a colleague, in the boss’s office to ensure they witnessed the conversation

Things to consider


I = Intent

Be clear – What do you want your recipient to do?

M = Medium

What’s the best medium for communicating the message

P = Profile

Profile – Consider the impression or reaction you will leave with your reader

A = Assumptions

Assumptions – do they need to do this now? Are you forcing people into weekend or evening checking of emails

C = Craft

Craft the email – Ensure you’ve crafted an appropriate email. Grammar, Tone, Specific, Clear, Short / Concise, Be Kind

T = Them

Put yourself in the readers shoes, assess how it comes across


  • Who needs to be copied in?
  • Does the boss need to see this too?
  • Help your colleagues to manage and prioritise their inbox - Ensure use of Email prefixes in the Subject box – URGENT, REQ’d, FYI
  • Set email time, for checking
  • Manage your mailboxes

For those that attended, there was something from the session will have helped change the way that email correspondence was used. One attendee said “Thank you. This session was very helpful. I will definitely be using some of the content today.” While another said, “This was helpful and I will be putting things covered into use”.

At the end of the session, Marc detailed some of the other solutions that are on offer including:

  • Effective Email
  • Effective Virtual Meetings
  • Effective Blended Meetings
  • Effective Virtual 121’s & Appraisals
  • Personal Branding in a Virtual World
  • How to effectively Manage Remote Teams
  • How to Design and Deliver Successful Live Virtual Training

If there is a course that you are interested in discovering more about, please contact Mark Bytheway at Premier Partnership ( and we can discuss the solutions and how to move forward.

Premier Partnership run round table events throughout the year, please visit and sign up to our monthly newsletter for all the latest news and events here at Premier Partnership.

Mark Bytheway
Client Relationship Director

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