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Are you ready for Martyn's Law?

What is Martyn's Law?

Martyn's Law, the Terrorism Protection of Premises Draft Bill, will come into force soon.

Businesses and organisations operating within publicly accessible places in the United Kingdom must prepare adequately against terrorist threats.

Make sure you are ready.


What is available?

Join one or more of our three available workshops:

- Preparing for Martyn’s Law

- Risk Assessment in Counter Terrorism for Accessible Locations
  (level 3)

- Writing a Preparedness Plan in Counter Terrorism for Accessible       Locations (level 3)

We are also currently in the process of developing an Ofqual-certified, Level 3 qualification, accessible to anyone, with the working title of Competent Person in the Workplace (CPIW). This will be based on authoritative threat and mitigation guidance as currently available on the Protect UK website. Enter your email below for more details when this course is ready to go live.

To help our clients prepare for the forthcoming Martyn's Law requirements, we have consulted with national counter-terrorism and security organisations, along with other counter-terrorism specialists, to ensure that ProtectUK guidance is assimilated into these training courses.

With more than 30 years' experience of working with government agencies, police forces and local authorities, we have become established as the trusted partner to provide industry-leading, innovative and up-to-date learning and development solutions.

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