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Supporting Pride 2022

Jun 01, 2022

As we move into June, attentions turn to Pride month where here at Premier Partnership we are celebrating the LGBT+ community with our clients and colleagues.

We are proud to provide support for everyone with the common vision to get to a world where LGBTQ+ people are free to live and love without prejudice and celebrate LGBTQ+ equality and challenge discrimination.

We are currently working on a range of products to support our forthcoming Allyship programme with a key aim to create a safe and inclusive culture through Allyship by raising awareness and challenging norms, and we are working with our partners to create a suite of courses that can support organisations across this subject.  

In the meantime, we have highlighted some of our key courses that can support individuals wanting to develop their awareness of LGBTQ+ rights and issues in the workplace. (Click on course title for an overview)


Trans Awareness and Trans Inclusion 

    Lead by a Trans Inclusion specialist, this training provides a framework for embedding trans inclusion in your organisation for all staff, visitors, customers, and future talent.


    Culture Change

      Cultures are incredibly pervasive and human beings are very resourceful at resisting change. There is an array of mechanisms and approaches we will show you to inform and involve everyone, ensuring engagement of your whole organisation.


      Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

        This workshop helps enable participants to achieve positive results through promoting inclusive behaviours within the workplace. 


        Assertiveness and Self Confidence

          This course is designed to build an understanding of what assertiveness is and how to demonstrate both self-confidence and assertiveness at work.


          Personal Impact and Effectiveness

            To develop confidence and conviction when dealing with others at work.


            Unconscious Bias

              To increase awareness of the unconscious bias that exists in us all.


              Ultimately, our aim is to help support LGBTQ+ staff, service users, volunteers, friends and family and communicate a clear message of inclusivity and help individuals and organisations better support LGBTQ+ people.

              Overarching this, we here at Premier Partnership want to make sure we offer a confidential and non-judgemental space where clients and colleagues can ask the questions they feel are important to their working practices and have them answered in full.

              We reached out to one of our colleagues to give his perspective on being an openly gay male in Premier Partnership, as Director of Client Services Chris Smith told us, “I have worked at Premier Partnership since June 2000.  Ever since the moment I was interviewed I was immediately put at ease and felt reassured with a comfortableness around the organisation itself and the people within it. This initial impression made me feel very welcome at Premier Partnership and that same ease and reassurance has remained with me throughout my 22 years in the business. This is now something I promote myself when I am involved in recruitment to ensure other individuals have the same warm welcome to the company that I did.”

              Looking back on his career, Chris continued, “Having spent the last two decades within Premier Partnership I have built extremely close working relationships with my colleagues and have worked with more than 200 people during my time here. With that in mind, I feel extremely proud to say that I have never felt that I have had to hide my sexuality whether that be internally at meetings, or at company events or externally with any of our clients. I also feel extremely lucky and proud to say that I have never faced any kind of direct or indirect discrimination within the company, and never have I ever heard any comments that have made me feel uncomfortable or excluded from anything.”

              He looks on his role here at Premier with pride, “My experiences of working at Premier Partnership have only been positive ones and I have established a long, happy and successful career here. Due to my positive experiences, I have worked hard in my position and been lucky enough to progress into a senior management position at Premier. My role enables me to support others who join the organisation from minority groups to ensure they feel included and valued. I am proud to lead as an openly gay man within Premier Partnership.”


              Jon Knight
              Marketing Coordinator

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