Introduction to Leadership and Management

This course will introduce the practical skills to effectively lead and manage staff. It will develop delegate's basic knowledge will give them chance to develop and practise specific management skills.

Who is this for?

Supervisors and first line managers who wish to build on and develop their existing management skills and knowledge. It is also suitable for team leaders who might be taking their first steps into management.

Course objectives

At the end of the course delegates will understand:

  • the basic skills and knowledge required by a manager
  • practical basic techniques for
    • solving problems
    • making decisions
    • tackling managerial problems
  • how to get the best from their staff.

Course Content

This course can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Example units include:

  • team development
  • developing working relationships
  • planning and managing resources
  • managing customer service
  • recruitment and selection
  • improving team performance.

How to book on ths course

Please contact us to book this course. If you have any questins about the course one of our subject matter experts will be happy to help