This event is designed to help managers prepare for and conduct effective appraisals.

Who is this for?


Course objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • understand how the appraisal system underpins the organisation’s vision and strategic targets
  • identify that SMART objectives are essential in order to be able to accurately assess performance
  • recognise that thorough preparation is essential
  • understand that both good performance and performance dips should be backed up by clear evidence
  • understand that appraisal is a two way process and the appraisee should be encouraged to fully participate
  • recognise that interviews should be structured and that at the end of it the appraise should have a clear idea of how they are performing and any planned development that may be required
  • conduct an effective performance appraisal.

How to book on ths course

Please contact us to book this course. If you have any questins about the course one of our subject matter experts will be happy to help