Meet the Team

Directors & General Manager

  • Alan Woodcock Director

    I am responsible for the overall operations of the business. I have extensive operational "real world" experience in HR Support Consultancy Services, Employment Law and Health and Safety, actively supporting both public and private sector employers in all aspects of the management of their organisational relationships with employees.

    Over the years I have provided support and expert guidance for organisations as diverse as the Department for Work and Pensions, Halfords and Lloyds TSB, frequently leading major change initiatives in these and similar organisations.

  • Jean Harrison Director

    I am one of the founding partners of Premier Partnership; I bring a wealth of management experience in finance and HR management having held senior positions across a variety of functions in corporate business. I am responsible for Premier’s Human Resource policies and am the Director of Finance and General Operations, I am a charismatic leadership style and believe in the ability of individual’s to be the best they can be. I foster an inclusive culture through shared vision and values for our business which equips our colleagues to deliver outstanding service to our clients.

  • David Pearson Director

    I am responsible for the growth of the business through the design and execution of sound sales and marketing strategies. I have contributed significantly to the growth of the organisation from a micro business to a major national player in the world of learning and development. I am passionate about supporting organisations to engage with their teams and deliver sustainable results through skill development and behaviour change. I have been directly involved in many multi-million-pound training contracts and use my resulting skills and knowledge to advise prospective clients on all aspects of organisational development. I have fulfilled senior roles in both the public and private sector and am adept at quickly recognising developmental challenges in all sectors and identifying practical training solutions. With over twenty years’ experience as a learning and development specialist I’m also an executive coach, expert facilitator and qualified health, safety and wellbeing expert.

Managers & CRMs

  • Chris Smith General Manager

    I am responsible for overseeing the operational support functions of the business including administration, staffing, facilities, telecommunications and database management. I also contribute towards maximizing revenue and profitability by the implementation of lean working practices and identifying business opportunities through internal networking, relationship building and reporting directly to the board.

  • Chris Mouatt Finance Manager

    I provide the business with a broad skill set and ensure adherence to all aspects of finance, governance, strategy and compliance. I enhance business practice by providing advice and counsel , building relationships with key stakeholders to drive the business forward and facilitates delivery of an excellent client experience.

  • Adrian Garfitt Regional Operations Manager

    I have extensive experience at a senior level in both the public and private sector. My previous role before joining Premier Partnership was as Operations Manager at the Henry Ford Academy, where I was responsible for its day to day operation. As Regional Operations Manager, I support the team of Client Relationship Managers to ensure that we exceed our Clients’ expectations.

  • Amanda Kane Qualifications Manager

    I have a background in Human Resources and Management Development, joining Premier Partnership over 20 years ago and now working in the role of Qualifications Manager. I coordinate all of the accredited programs that Premier Partnership offer to a wide range of clients and manage the Qualifications team, ensuring that we guide each learner through their journey with us and provide a service that is to the highest of standards. I am always so pleased and proud to be able to award the qualification certificates to the learners at the end of their journey with us.

  • Benjamin Mason Client Relationship Manager

    I am the London-based Client Relationship Manager responsible for ensuring client learning & development interventions are delivered to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

  • Jeremy Frearson Quality Manager

    I have many years of experience working with clients from the policing and security sectors and I have specialist product knowledge around online learning tools and leadership programmes.

  • Kate Fisk Apprenticeships Manager

    I have many years of experience working within education and training from a variety of sectors including Logistics and Warehousing, Healthcare, Engineering and Public Sector. I have specialist product knowledge around Apprenticeships and the new funding reforms, and currently head up the Apprenticeship team here at Premier Partnership.

  • Brian Fairchild Client Relationship Manager

    I started my career in the voluntary sector, during which time I moved into my first training manager role. I bring to Premier Partnership a wealth of experience of work in social care and the public sector, including training manager roles at the Commission for Social Care Inspection and Nottinghamshire County Council. Prior to joining Premier in 2016 I worked in the adult social care department at Nottingham City Council. I am responsible for working with a number of Councils, NHS Trusts and government departments.

  • Irene Mclaughlin Account Manager

    An accredited learning specialist with 30 years experience in the public and private sectors.

  • Niro Sritharan Client Relationship Manager

    I have a Masters in Human Resource Development and is member of the CIPD. I have spent over 5 years working with Public sector organisations including Department for Work and Pensions, Local Authorities and NHS Trusts in varying capacities. My all-round learning and development knowledge enables me to quickly understand the client’s needs. I have a particular interest in Leadership and Management development.

  • Lynne Foster Client Relationship Manager

    I have over 20 years’ experience of working in Learning & Development in a variety of roles, including design, facilitation, Leadership and Transformation. My role as Client Relationship Manager is exactly that - to manage the relationship between our client and their chosen product supplier. I ensure our client is provided with the best possible service from the intake of the request through to the delivery of the product. I look to interact with current and future clients, understanding their business to be able to facilitate learning interventions that are most beneficial for their needs and which will support them in driving organisational growth.

Bookings and resource

Our bespoke information management system allows our booking team to effectively resource for a complex array of contracts from one off requests to high volume schedules. The set up procedures mean that we can be highly selective when allocating personnel to each contract allowing clients to be very specific in their criteria.

Material production and design

Should a client require it, we have the capacity to manage all design, material production and despatch aspects of UK wide training programmes. Our service can ensure standardisation of products, benchmarking, and tailored content to meet recognised best practice. We were awarded a letter of commendation for the design of the Government’s largest technical development-training programme for 2008. This required the design of 107 individual elements of technical blended learning material, to be delivered over 240 hours in modular format to over 24,000 staff of all grades.


Premier Partnership has gone through centre accreditation for various qualifications on a number of occasions and we are highly familiar with the process from initial centre set up to awarding qualifications. Should you require existing learning to be formally recognised, we can explore mapping options to work out the most appropriate course of action .

Delivery team

We have a large team of 300+ suppliers ranging from freelance trainers and SME’s to national corporations located throughout the UK. This ensures that we can manage concurrent contracts of any size and complexity.