Derbyshire County Council

Project Management

What we were Required

Adult Social Services within Derbyshire County Council had invested in the development of a new IT based Project Management Toolkit and required support to implement it across Adult Social Services.

Our intervention also had to address the problem of projects being left to run on without a definite conclusion.

How the customers Objectives were met

Agree the product, our respective roles and timescale. Our role was to help launch the Toolkit, promote the concept, support good practice, ensure managers can use the Toolkit, lower resistance towards it and raise awareness of the actions necessary to close projects effectively.

We were asked to facilitate the development of a network of project managers to support an ongoing pool of project management expertise.

Initially we carried out a learning needs analysis to understand current level of knowledge, previous training and experience of project work and the results informed the design of the course.
The exercise showed that managers had a wide range of project management experience, ranging from those who were Prince 2 qualified through to others who had had no training and little experience.

To facilitate the take up of the Toolkit, at the end of the 1-day course, delegates were required to apply the Toolkit to a current piece of work and report

What was the Outcome

We designed and delivered a 1-day course with a half day follow-up workshop. Consistently high evaluation scores show the course design effectively engaged the wide experience of the group. A second level evaluation at the end of the 1-day course confirmed knowledge transfer of the key points. Personal planning at the end of the first day and the follow-up workshop ensure delegates apply the Toolkit immediately.
The project managers’ network was set up during the follow-up workshop.
Derbyshire County Council have decided to roll out the new IT based Project Management System and Toolkit across the whole of the organisation. We have been asked to continue to work with them to support the implementation. Further work will include designing a new generic case study with supporting example business case.