NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT)

Management Training

NHSBT employs over 7000 people across the UK. “Communication Leaders” training was designed for very senior managers to assist them in the dissemination of the new vision for the organisation. In some instances the managers were expected to convey bad news, in others radical changes and as a result the product gave these managers the opportunity to hone their communication skills.

Why we were Needed

Significant re-organisation and transformation of the organisation resulted in a need for all managers to brief teams and key stakeholders in the resulting changes and their impact. Some of the messages to be communicated were difficult (redundancy and re-location issues predominantly) and managers required development in how best to communicate difficult messages to key stakeholders.

Why Premier Partnership were chosen

Premier Partnership has a long history of providing engaging, behaviour changing learning to the senior managers within NHSBT

What we Provided

To support these senior managers Premier Partnership was requested to design and deliver a “Communication Leaders” course to provide these leaders with additional skills in delivering difficult messages and maintaining motivation in teams during change.

How the customers Objectives were met

The managers themselves were consulted regarding their particular needs together with the national communications manager and the Chief Executive so as to ensure the training remained on message.
A range of skills development initiatives were created that ensured, through experiential learning, managers were given opportunity to practice and hone their skills in delivering a range of difficult messages.
Managers were filmed giving presentations and these became the starting point for developing their communication skills. The film also assisted with the evaluation of the programme as it became possible to review the skill development with both ‘before’ and ‘after’ footage of presentations.
We then worked with the Head of Communications to determine the communications style required by the organisation. An outline of the planned training, agreed this with the participants and learning and development specialists then continued to work with the learning an development specialist to design the learning, involving them at all stages in the quality assurance process.

What was the Outcome

Level one evaluation resulted in 100% of delegates reporting complete satisfaction with the product and all managers attending the event acknowledging that they had developed new skills with regards to strategic communication initiatives.
Those managers who have begun briefing their teams have reported the skills developed as part of their training have “considerably assisted with their communication ability”.
As a result of this confidence boost for managers delivered by the training further events have been requested to assist a further cohort of managers.

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