Office of Fair Trading (OFT)

Influencing Skills

The mission of Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to make markets work well for consumers.

What we were Required

It is commonly understood within OFT that improved influencing skills will help to raise the importance of issues, gain action and contribute to the achievement of objectives.
Analysts are a key group within OFT, working in such roles as economists, accountants and statisticians. Their ability to influence effectively is central to galvanising support and generating action. A number of analysts wished to develop their skills in explaining complex analysis to non-specialists, in influencing and persuasion.
It is expected that these skills will enable analysts to effectively persuade others of the validity of their analysis and contribute to the organisation achieving its potential.

How the customers Objectives were met

We designed a 1-day course – Influencing with Confidence. Course materials included the case study, delegate workbook, facilitator guide and PowerPoint..

We worked closely with the client and drafted a course outline which we thought would meet their needs. We discussed the ideas with the OFT contact and amended the design in line with their suggestions, gained agreement and produced the delegate workbook, facilitator guide and PowerPoint.
A central element of the course was the skills practice exercise based on a case study written specifically for OFT which related to a current area of OFT activity. We worked closely with OFT to write the case study, to ensure it was realistic and challenging and included prompts to guide reflection and support personal learning.

What was the Outcome

The first course was well received and we were asked to deliver a further 6 courses.