Surrey County Council

Fully Funded ILM Qualifications

Why we were Needed

The Organisational and Skills Development Team at Surrey County Council (SCC) asked us to identify a source of funding for the provision of a training programme for the County Councils Team Leaders and Managers.
Premier Partnership were approved as a partner organisation on Surrey County Council’s Procurement Framework after a competitive tender process.

What was the Outcome

We secured funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) that enabled us to offer 100% funding. This meant the programme could go ahead at no cost to Surrey CC. To date Surrey Council has signed up 71 learners, to be trained in; Level 2 Award Team Leading, and Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading.
Delegates were able to choose from a wide range of module topics so that their qualification would be tailored to their job

How did Premier Partnership add Value

In addition to identifying the source of funding and introducing this to Surrey CC, we worked with key members of the SCC Organisational & Development Team.
We provide marketing support for the Council’s internal campaign to recruit learners to this programme. This included producing brochures and leaflets to distribute within Surrey CC, and meeting with selected managers to increase awareness of specific opportunities to Surrey CC employees.

Premier Partnership were successful in becoming one of our preferred suppliers in 2007. Towards the end of 2008 we identified a need for a training programme for the County Councils Team Leaders. Premier Partnership are a partner provider in an ESF fund through which they have been able to provide fully funded, accredited, Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 2 training in Team Leading (both Award and Certificate).

I emphasise that this has been done at no cost to the County Council and is a welcome initiative during a time when budgets have been severely restricted.

The delivery of the training started in June 2009 and is scheduled to complete in June 2010. To date we have found Premier Partnership very accommodating in ensuring that we get a programme in place which suits the organisation's needs,and we have had a welcome response to the accredited training from our first line managers

Karen Archer-Burton
Senior Organisational Development Adviser